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So you want to learn a musical instrument? We advise you what instrument to play, where to buy one, how to get lessons, what it will cost - everything you need to know about instrumental tuition

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Pay the Piper

So you want to play
a musical instrument?


You think you'd like to learn a musical instrument but don't know which one to try? You want to know how much they cost? You don't know where to find lessons?
And once you've learned to play it, will you be able to find a band or orchestra or other group to play it in? What maintenance will it need? What happens if it breaks?
We provide the answers to all these questions and more.
Simply click on the links at the top to read about individual instruments, and those on the left to get helpful advice on every aspect of playing an instrument. Please note, though, that we only give advice - we don't sell anything. If you want to buy an instrument there are plenty of websites on our Links page that can sell you one.
Do take a look at our Links page. It's large, constantly updated, and contains many excellent sites which you will find interesting and useful. We're very proud of it!
A new page - we've borrowed some excellent advice from the Choirmaster Press about the vexed question of COPYRIGHT - what it means and what you as a musician have to know about it. Click the "What's copyright?" link on the left.
And when you've finished reading what we have to say, try putting the name of your chosen instrument into the Google search-box at the foot of each page, select "Web" and click "Search" - you'll be amazed how much information is out there!
In a number of places on this site we recommend Hugo Pinksterboer's excellent "Rough Guide" series of books about instruments, and provide a link to each one in case you wish to buy. American visitors should note that there is a special U.S.A. version of these books, called "Tipbooks". Rather than clicking our link, you should instead go to and use their search box to find "Tipbook Clarinet" or whichever instrument you are interested in.


WARNING! We wrote this website quite some time ago. This means that over the years some links may have failed. It also means that information about costs and prices is out-of-date - as a rule of thumb, the prices we give were correct in about 2008. Nevertheless, the bulk of the information and advice is still very sound, so we have left the website up in the hope that people will continue to find it useful.




















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